New Wax Removal Clinic Opens in Enniskillen

Ear-resistible new clinic! An earwax removal specialist who has carried out over 10,000 earwax removal treatments is encouraging people to avail of a new FREE clinic […]

Who would you like to whisper sweet nothings in your ear?

BRADLEY AND ANGELINA TOP VALENTINE WISH-LIST IN NORTHERN IRELAND   Angelina Jolie and Bradley Cooper are the celebrities who Northern Irish people most want to whisper sweet […]

Top Tips to Help Manage Tinnitus

Tinnitus affects about 10 – 20% of adults according to the Hearing Heath Foundation. Tinnitus can vary in severity and even though most people have a […]
Oticon Opn

Why should I wear hearing aids?

We have news for you: hearing aids are awesome! Not just alone by themselves – it’s what they can do for you that’s amazing. Perhaps you […]

Yvonne Doyle, winner of Irish Audiologist of the Year talks to Waterford Today

Waterford Today were delighted to hear that local audiologist, Yvonne Doyle from Hidden Hearing was awarded ‘Irish Audiologist of the Year’ and with it the distinction […]
Hearing test

How to Have A Better Conversation With Someone With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be frustrating and exhausting, especially during conversations with people who do not understand hearing loss. It’s difficult to keep focused on what someone […]