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New Wax Removal Clinic Opens in Enniskillen

Ear-resistible new clinic!

An earwax removal specialist who has carried out over 10,000 earwax removal treatments is encouraging people to avail of a new clinic coming soon to Enniskillen with Hidden Hearing.

Barry Humphreys, the local ear wax removal specialist with Hidden Hearing will offer his expert advice and carry out earwax removals at the clinic in the Erne Health Centre on Friday January 31 and once a month thereafter.

“Earwax is another name for a protective waxy oil produced in the ear canal called cerumen,” he explains. Normally, this emerges naturally from your ear and eliminates itself but sometimes when your glands produce too much earwax, it may harden and block your ear.”

Barry reveals that common symptoms of earwax build-up include sudden or partial hearing loss, tinnitus (a ringing or buzzing in the ear), a feeling of fullness and earache.

He warns: “Left untreated, unremoved earwax can lead to infection. However, you should never, ever try to remove an earwax blockage on your own. Using objects such as cotton swabs or tweezers can worsen the problem and even cause permanent damage to the ear canal and eardrum.”

Barry, who has worked as an Earwax Removal Specialist with Hidden Hearing for the past 16 years, also points out that earwax problems are becoming increasingly common among young people due to the popularity of earphones.

“I have treated over 10,000 patients and I am now seeing a rise in the number of 20 and 30 somethings attending my clinics. This is because frequent use of earphones can contribute to wax blockages in your ears because there is less opportunity for the excess wax to get out.”

Barry is encouraging anyone who suspects they may have an earwax problem to attend his clinic on the last Friday of every month!

Reserve your place now by calling Hidden Hearing Enniskillen on 0800 587 4488 with limited walk-ins available on the day. You can also book your appointment online here.

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