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How to Have A Better Conversation With Someone With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be frustrating and exhausting, especially during conversations with people who do not understand hearing loss. It’s difficult to keep focused on what someone is saying if they do not know how best to communicate with someone with hearing loss, and it takes a lot more energy to follow a conversation when you are hard of hearing, which can leave you feeling tired.

We’ve sought out some excellent tips and ideas for improving conversation when speaking with someone who has hearing loss. Most people will be happy to help, so share these tips with your friends and family to make sure you all benefit from better conversations!

Conversational Tips When Talking To People With Hearing Loss

  • Understand how hearing loss works. Many people with ‘normal’ hearing do not understand the effect that hearing loss can have on the way sounds are interpreted. Hearing loss is not simply a loss of volume but a loss of clarity, so that certain sounds can be missed, making meaning difficult to interpret. Understanding the context of a conversation can help someone with hearing loss to fill in the missing elements and maintain the overall thread of the discussion.
  • Speak clearly and steadily. Ensuring that you speak clearly will make a big difference to someone with hearing loss, who may struggle to distinguish words and sounds if you do not enunciate properly or you speak too quickly. Take your time and stick to a regular pace so that anyone wishing to lipread can do so more effectively.
  • Prepare yourself for a conversation. People with hearing loss often have to work very hard to maintain a conversation, so make sure that you prepare beforehand to make it easier for them. Find out if a well-lit area or a space with no background noise will make hearing easier for them, and get their attention before you begin speaking so that they can focus on you.
  • Be prepared to repeat yourself. Repeating yourself may feel frustrating, but it is more frustrating for the person who cannot hear you, who will likely feel embarrassed by asking you to say it again. Simply repeat your words clearly, at an appropriate volume, and try rephrasing it if they still cannot hear. Don’t worry about misunderstandings or confusions, but simply let yourself relax and laugh at the mistakes you make as you work out how conversations can be made simpler.

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